Carbon dating lesson plans

This lesson introduces absolute dating and a few ways in which scientists accomplish it.

The majority of the lesson focuses on radiometric dating, including an activity where students date their own "rocks and fossils".

Some lesson plan topics include evolutionary theory, Darwin’s voyage, evidence of evolution, fossils, animal adaptation, natural selection, and more.Did you know that when you buy flights with certain airlines you can now pay a bit more to offset your carbon footprint?Or perhaps you've read about big pop groups who plant forests of trees every time they do a tour, again, to offset their carbon footprint?An example natural selection activity lets students mimic bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics.Evolution worksheets and exam / test / quiz questions also provide help with evaluating the student’s progress.

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By the end of the game, students should understand that carbon can take many forms throughout the carbon cycle, and that no set pathway exists in the cycle Objectives: The students will be able to: • Describe what is carbon.

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