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They've subtitled the show Take Me Out and they've introduced a change to the international format.The series usually features a single guy who tries to impress a panel of 30 single girls who are armed with white lights which they can turn off if they're unimpressed with him.I’m not a fan of The Bachelor, largely because of its focus on love.I can’t say that I’m behind the idea that true love can blossom in such circumstances, especially when factoring a competition to win a person’s affections.#Take Me Out on FOX, take me out black italian, Take me out dumb blond, Take Me Out Fox, Take Me Out Fox girls, Take Me Out Fox women, Take Me Out George Lopez, Take Me Out hot French black guy, Take me out hot guy, Take Me Out hot guy Alain, Take Me Out Mindy, Take me out stripper, Take Me Out the Flirty Thirty I’m at Togo’s and they just put on #takemeout #takemeout Just in case The Bachelor is too mentally challenging for you. #takemeout The only reason #Take Me Out is on the air is so they can market “Magic Mike” to chicks #takemeout there are 25 dumb girls on this show #Take Me Out needs to paired with #Give Me The Bong If Chris Brown was on this they’d have to call it ‘knock me out’. #Take Me Out I’m going to get crabs from watching #takemeout Unless there’s a fire in my apartment complex I’m watching #Take Me Out – Come on. #Take Me Out needs #More Mindy #Take Me Out is totally embarrassing for all three sexes – men, women and Mindys this guy is a fraggle #Eric #Take Me Out #takemeout – #take Eric Out behind the barn and shoot him Finally a brother #takemeout #takemeout – thank god finally a brutha Mmm Alain is Yummyyy #takemeout Omg! #takemeout Yo they got a black italian on #takemeout #Take Me Out found the best looking African American Guido Torpedo Alain – #takemeout – only one girl turned off her light these chicks aren’t lookin’ for “love”…they’re lookin’ for di**. #Take Me Out Damn these white bitches on #Take Me Out love Them Some Brother #takemeout i will never admit to anyone ever that i watched this show. #Twitter was created for shows like #Take Me Out I have been cooking since 2009. You can read that very first post from 2009 right here.

#Take Me Out – every dating show has to have a girl named Mindy on it #Good Lord #Take Me Out – it’s a Mindy!

But on one of DStv's most exclusive channels instead of SABC1.

Vuzu Amp has seized the dating reality show Take Me Out from SABC1 and they've gone full trottle by recreating it with Phat Joe, who hosted the SABC1 series when it aired in 2014.

Filmed in front of a studio audience and comprised of four rounds, TAKE ME OUT begins with “The Flirty 30,” a group of 30 beautiful, single women in search of finding a match made in heaven.

Every week, the women meet several brave bachelors who individually must impress them with their looks, personality and sense of humor.

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