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“This will kill you,” a Flight for Life nurse recalled Mahany telling his Colorado crews. Federal investigators strongly suspect whatever happened to the New Mexico helicopter played a significant role in the July 3, 2015, Flight for Life crash in Frisco, Colorado.Kimberly’s students are immersed in authentic language and cultural experiences both virtually and actually.On a daily basis, students in her classroom use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Skye to learn culture in context, interact with students in Central and South America, and conduct research on current events.In both cases, the helicopters spun counterclockwise shortly after takeoff indicating loss of effective tail rotor control.“As soon as you lift off, and that aircraft starts to spin, it’s almost impossible for a pilot to control in that situation,” said former NTSB investigator and 9NEWS aviation analyst Greg Feith.“At slow speeds or at liftoff, the aircraft wants to spin,” he said.For some reason, the manufacturer of the AS-350 B3e decided not to include a warning light for pilots on the caution panel indicating a lack of hydraulic assistance to the tail rotor.

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