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Opening Number Song: “The Gravel Road” by The Village (Score from the motion picture) Choreographer: Christopher Scott Dancing with props is so difficult but that was so beautifully done. I don’t know the story behind it, but I felt it was possibly that the couples just lost a baby and the pain of that loss. The decision is made by the choreographers’ input as well as what they saw in Vegas and how they feel the contestants would grow. Mary loved it and felt Hayley was a force to be reckoned with on the show. She felt like maybe everyone should leave to give them some privacy. The girl plays hard to get and the guy woos her back in. I love Bollywood because it is always interesting and full of energy. You have to be in superb physical shape to survive those songs. She called Makenzie a dance diva without the attitude (hmmm…in order to be a diva you must have attitude). She urged Paul to get of his carriage in these kinds of numbers. Turning to Sasha, he cited her struggles this week–an injury, battling against Melanie–but claimed her “Sasha, Warrior Princess.”Lil’C choreographed a very difficult routine.

Of course that feeling comes from my own experience with that. Hard to tell, but there was a lot of self-worship with her hands on her body a lot–something I know the judges dislike from previous seasons’ auditions. They are actually telling us who is going home before the couples dance? She gave some helpful points they could take away and put into their work the next time around. I am so glad he was #11 and someone dropped out because of an injury. Jasmine conveyed the feelings of being upset with him yet longing for him at the same time. When he flipped her over into a backbend it was so fluid. I know that every movement had purpose including positioning. The Judges: Christina gave Jade some words of encouragement. Carlos has been in an accident and lost his memory. Tadd is the dark horse in this race, but having Joshua dance with him did not help him, like watching a master and his apprentice. Tadd made it this far not only because of his dance technique but also his personality.

Classy and elegant with some risky tricks in-between. Is Teo transforming into heart-throb material right in front of our eyes?

Lol at Tatiana acting like she's super surprised by his skills. I'm absolutely speechless, that was beautiful beyond words. Oh hey, she auditioned for SYTYCD Ukraine last season! Her audition, the little that they showed of her Callbacks performances and, again, this duet of hers have been working against her so far in any case.

That is going to either dampen their psyche, or make them dance better in their couples’ routines. Kathryn’s character left to go to war; in this piece, she (Alexis) is coming home. In a sense you can say she had returned from war a changed person quite literally. I tried to imagine the joy of what real families go through when their loved ones return from war. The judges: Nigel thinks Nico gets better every week. Christina thought they had a “moment” like they did last week. Mary said it is all about passion and they spilled it all over the stage. Paul has some good moves there, but he also had some awkward ones, too. “Hustle Hard” was Tadd’s theme song for this season.

He did not feel they were dancing for their lives at all. The judges: Nigel could not take his eyes off Hayley but felt Curtis was a good partner. She thinks they are the couple to beat at this point. He feels that Aaron is a major asset to the series this year. Christina thought it was like they had an umbilical cord between the two of them. Before getting to Sasha’s critique, Kenny had glowing things to say to Sonya who was deeply moved by his accolades.

He felt she did very well but she is going to have to work harder. She felt Nico was fabulous and Alexis’ performance was so honest. Kenny thought the pairing was perfect and wants a pair of the red shoes. I don't know how they could possibly top the All-Star Season, but I'm always ready to be surprised. All the more impressive that he spent the entire audition spinning on his head. Ditching the jumpsuit and pot hat he wore for his audition was definitely the right step. It kind of reminds me of Vanya Mozhaykin from the second season who also got a make-over from regular dude to smooth-skinned guy who could easily fit into a boyband. He will always be remembered as the boat guy though. Well, Im willing to give her the benefit of doubt since she seems like a pretty sweet girl (emphasis on pretty face) and perhaps the judges know more than than they let on. Probably the most unique thing I've seen during auditions. Well, who doesnt like some goth angels once in a while. People have been speculating that Svetlana has been chosen for the sole purpose of being canon fodder or, alternatively, driving people to vote for their actual favorites in order to get her eliminated, based on the fact that she seems to be universally disliked on social media platforms.

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Except, we knew he wasn’t after last night’s performances, and if anything, his Dance for Your Life nailed that down.

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