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Instead she clarified that she is dating a West Ham United player. READ ALSO: Mike Sonko hosts lavish graduation bash for daughter Saumu But hawk-eyed paparazzi, gossipers and entertainment enthusiasts suspect that the said player is Senegalese winger Diafra Sakho.

This is because he is the only footballer among the seven people that Huddah follows in her Instagram account.

Cut loose that future investment-banking sociopath. Do they call members of opposing teams "gay" a lot? Head over to the lake and watch the women row crew! Pete Carroll is the Seahawks' head coach, and is the least "football coach" football coach in the NFL.

He makes his players do yoga and tries to build up their self-esteem. Richard Sherman is amongst the Seahawks' best defenders (the team plays really good defense) and is also famous for yelling at TV cameras.

Beyonce is a Creole surfborting maven who, if she was an athlete, would be tested for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) right now. Because the difference between 2005 Beyonce and Beyonce today is like the difference between pre-steroid Barry Bonds and post-steroid, head the size of a Toyota Prius on 26-inch Lexanis Barry Bonds. And that it came from the same person who created “Soldier” and spent the first decade of her career saying things like “Nice things are nice” in interviews will never not be amazing. Well, if you’re a man in a relationship with a woman, both the album and the short film are that cookie jar. It’s another thing if your girl is paying your wifi bill.

Well, now it's Saturday in September and this person is suddenly asking if their coat of purple body paint is even. You've gotten yourself into a relationship with a crazy sports fan and everything is ruined. There is so much information to be gleaned from how they engage with sports. If you're really into someone who's really into sports, you're going to have to know a few local sports figures.

Becky With The Good Hair is apparently the woman Jay Z cheated on Beyonce with. For years, “Becky” has been used as a general reference for a particular type of White woman.

It’s actually easier for me to say whether a White woman would be considered a Becky than it is to explain the criteria.

Going to a Sounders or Reign match is an essential Seattle experience that's way cooler than eating mediocre food in the Space Needle. Most of all, take this opportunity to figure out what you value.

There's no NBA team in town, but tech billionaire Chris Hansen is still trying to change that by bringing back the Sonics. Infielder Robinson Cano and starting pitcher Felix Hernandez are notable Seattle Mariners. Odds are this won't be your last relationship (I know, I know, but seriously), so use sports the way they're meant to be used: as an emotional stand-in.

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  1. He said the ban for child sex offenders alone had the potential to restrict them from communicating with hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of adults and their companies, even if the communication had nothing to do with minors.